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TecnoCientífica Editores

Tecnocientífica Editores: A Better Book Store

“Old books are best-how tale and rhyme
Float with us down the stream of time !”
Clarence Urmy, Old songs are Best

Tecnocientifica Editores Bookshop
16-24 Calle Central
Valledupar, Colombia
Since 1995, Tecnocientifica Editores Bookshop has offered rare and hard-to-find titles for the reader.

  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and courtous help
  • Free coffee and guarapo for our customers
  • A well-lit reading room so you can “Try before you buy.” Para que los aprecie bien
  • Two friendly cats: Luna and Mateo
    <P Our hour 9 00 am to 7:00 pm
    noon to 7 on weekends.

    Recent Titles ( as of 9/25/94)

    <H2 Upcoming Events

    Recent Titles

    (as of 9/25/94)

  • J T Tietjen, Aven.Río
  • Divina Comedia, QUIJOTE, Cervantes,Dante
  • Berta Calderaz, Fonseca Alegre

Eventos Próximos en Tecnocientifica Editores

  • The Wednesday Evening Book Review mees,appropriately, on wednesday evenings at PM for coffee and a round discussion. Call Tecnocientifica Editores for information on joining the group.
  • Elsy S. will be at Tecnocientifica Editores on Friday, September 16, to read from her book of poems Arañas en el techo.
  • Tcnocientifica Ed. will be closed October 1 to remove a family of bats that has nested in the tower.

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